Are MIDI Keyboards Good For Beginners?

MIDI keyboard is a popular tool used by people who compose and play music. For beginners, they can’t help but wonder and ask: Are MIDI keyboards suitable for beginners? This article will help you with that. Let’s start reading!

Advantages of MIDI keyboards

Advantages of MIDI keyboards


The benefits of MIDI audio files include reduced file sizes, simpler and faster playing, and more outstanding sound quality depending on the instrument inputs.

1. MIDI is adaptable and may be programmed to control and trigger a wide range of devices.

The beauty of MIDI is that it is a standard protocol system used by many devices. The interface permits communication between various devices and goods using binary code (the 1s and 0s that computers comprehend). For example, MIDI can operate both Yamaha and Roland keyboards, to mention a few.

It enables a more straightforward approach to music creation, including instrument communication, despite variances between manufacturers and their products. Because of MIDI, sound engineer has an edge in terms of efficiency.

2. MIDI may be used to control several devices at the same time.

You can use MIDI to operate a DAW, a MIDI keyboard, a drum machine, a Moog synthesizer, and many other sounds and instruments, thus freeing up all of your hands.

This is amazing for live performances, but it’s also wonderful for recording. It may even be used to control devices such as lights. We don’t utilize MIDI in this manner, but it’s simple to see how many others might.

You may even utilize IK Multimedia’s MIDI pedal to operate effects like wah-wah for the guitar these days. 

3. MIDI established a universal standard for many different types of devices to use

MIDI overcame all of this, and we now have a standard that works for almost everything. MIDI data may also be sent through USB on a somewhat unrelated subject, as Axreview noted in my MIDI versus USB essay.

Because USB can transmit and receive this information, current MIDI controllers no longer need MIDI IN/OUT/THRU. However, MIDI is still present in the majority of the top music production gear.

4. MIDI has clocking information as well.

The tempo and BPM of your DAW and MIDI controller may (and must) be synced, making it very handy for various tasks. Furthermore, you may utilize your DAW to adjust the BPM of your drum machine and vice versa.

Sweetwater refers to it as the “MIDI Clock,” which I was unaware of until I published this post. This is just a signal that synchronizes the time of all your gadgets. It would be challenging to utilize anything in the same manner without it.

5. MIDI files are far less in size than digital audio files.

The reduced file size is one of, if not the most significant advantages of MIDI. As new technology advances, there is a greater demand for more space or smaller files to allow for maximum playing and processing rates. The files are tiny since MIDI is not recorded sound and is just a set of instructions.

They are far smaller than digital audio files that capture authentic sound. When compared to a wav file, MIDI is insignificant. Smaller files take up less space on your computer or storage device. However, smaller MIDI files enable quicker file transmission, wp-content/uploads, and online play.

The.mid file’s modest size contributes to its greatness. There is a lot of data in an audio file since it captures hundreds of samples every second. The same cannot be valid with MIDI, which is one of the reasons it is so valuable for music producers and performers.

6. MIDI makes editing easier.

We can adjust things after they’ve been recorded since MIDI merely captures instructions and does not sound. You can also modify audio using the software, but MIDI makes it much more manageable. This implies that the information from an electric guitar, for example, may be transmitted to another channel, such as an electronic keyboard.

Disadvantages of MIDI keyboards

Disadvantages of MIDI keyboards



Because MIDI is just a collection of instructions for software and computers, its drawback is also its strength.

1. MIDI IN and OUT ports are less standard on new devices.

The majority of current gadgets will have both MIDI and USB interfaces. If a device does not have a USB port, you may get around this by utilizing a USB to MIDI converter. There are three MIDI ports that you should be aware of.

There are three MIDI inputs: MIDI IN, MIDI THRU, and MIDI OUT. These three elements are required for MIDI to function. As technology advances, fewer ports become accessible on gadgets. The issue with this is that you may need to purchase more equipment.

2. MIDI instruments can Sound decent at times

Some of the worst VSTs and MIDI instruments we’ve heard are guitar VSTS, although that might be due to my firm frame of reference as a guitarist. There might be some genuine stinkers in terms of other samples and noises that you can control via MIDI.

The final result relies on the quality of the MIDI instrument, just as playback is based on the quality of the speakers. MIDI is simply a way for technology to connect with one another.

3. MIDI is only compatible with instruments that have digital capabilities.

MIDI does not record sound and is incompatible with any acoustic instrument, including singing and rapping. The interface can only handle these two musical mediums if they are sufficiently sophisticated.

MIDI would not function with instruments like drums and acoustic guitars. However, MIDI would detect the instrument if a drum machine or an electric guitar were used.

At least if you can convert these analog sounds into binary information, such as an audio interface. But, once again, it’s difficult to call this a weakness since it’s also a strength. The whole concept of MIDI is that it is more than simply audio. Let’s talk about it more now.

Are MIDI keyboards good for beginners?



With the above analysis, the answer to the question: Are MIDI keyboards good for beginners is Yes.

Having a keyboard while making music lets you hear your ideas as soon as they come to you. You may play the song in your brain and rapidly experiment with various ideas before committing to anything.

MIDI keyboards are unique because they provide a human touch to whatever song you make. While you may be using your computer to play actual instrument samples, remember that your computer, not a human musician, is doing so.

Your duty as a producer is to make the noises from your computer seem more human. Instead of merely clicking sounds into a grid, you’ll play them with MIDI keyboards. With each note you play, the velocity will change automatically, resulting in a more dynamic performance. Notes on the grid will be imperfect, adding a little rhythm to your performance. This is especially true for drums.


Is it better to buy a piano or a MIDI keyboard?

You’ll need a digital piano if you’re a pianist who doesn’t want to make beats or compose music. A MIDI controller is the best choice if you are interested in generating music rather than simply learning to play the piano.

Can you use a MIDI keyboard if you don’t know how to play the piano?

It’s very plausible. In reality, you don’t even need a midi controller; many music software enables you to input midi notes in a piano roll editor or something similar, enabling you to compose a song with only a mouse and keyboard.

Is it challenging to learn how to use a MIDI keyboard?

On a midi keyboard, you may learn quickly. It will be different from playing the piano, but that’s neither good nor bad. I’d recommend a keyboard with full-size, ideally weighted, keys, with no less than 61 keys being preferable.

Final words

With the above analysis, we can reaffirm that the sentence yes is correct for the question: Are MIDI keyboards good for beginners? Hopefully, with the advantages and disadvantages, you will understand MIDI keyboards better and choose for yourself the best beginner midi keyboards.

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