Can Digital Pianos Go Out Of Tune (And How To Fix)

People increasingly resort to digital pianos for their musical demands as technology improves. The remaining concern is can digital pianos go out of tune. This will be discussed in the post that follows.


Can Digital Pianos Go Out Of Tune?

Can Digital Pianos Go Out Of Tune?

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Each note is stored in a digital format, which is how a digital piano or instrument operates. The samples are combined and matched by an inbuilt sound engine depending on the keys being pushed. 

Technically speaking, these samples need to have the same sound throughout the instrument’s operating lifespan. However, these samples undergo significant digital processing before being delivered via speakers or output jacks. 

This is where issues may arise, causing the digital piano to sound out of tune. Compared to how often an acoustic piano can fall out of tune, the likelihood of this occurring is far smaller. 

However, if your digital piano sounds out of tune, one of the following possibilities may apply.

1. Transpose

The majority of digital pianos will have the ability to transpose. It is a helpful tool, particularly if you start with the piano. You or someone else likely applied the transposition once before and completely forgot about it. 

The transposition is the problem if your piano sounds fine when you play it alone but sounds out of tune when you play along with someone else or to a backing track in a certain key. 

The sound generated will not be in the same key as the keys you are hitting. Although it may seem simple, you’ll be astonished to learn that even seasoned musicians may commit this error.

2. Effects

The majority of digital pianos and keyboards include built-in effects. See whether any are on by checking. If they are, try turning off everything and see if that resolves the problem. Anomalies in the sound may result from certain effects stressing the sound engine, particularly if it has limited processing capability.

3. Pitch Bend Wheel Broken

There may be several causes if the digital piano’s sound is just off. A pitch-bend wheel that isn’t working is one of them. Almost all keyboards and some digital pianos include this fantastic function, which you can use to give your song a little additional flare. 

As the name implies, it modifies the pitch by raising or lowering it slightly. The most important requirement, in this case, is that the wheel must reset to following neutral use. The piano will always sound slightly out of tune if this doesn’t happen.

Turn the pitch bend wheel to determine what is wrong. If it does not impact the sound, it is broken and stuck at some value rather than decreasing to zero. However, the pitch will often alter as you raise and lower the wheel. 

If this is the case, it will need more skill to determine if the wheel is the issue. Check to see whether there is a neutral position. If it does and it’s not in the wheel’s normal resting position, that’s what’s making the piano or keyboard sound of the key. 

You cannot, regrettably, resolve this on your own. Bring it to a licensed service facility or have a skilled repairman fix it. But fixing it should be quite affordable.

4. The Speakers Or Jack For Output

It’s time to examine the speakers and the output jack to see if the issue differs from the first two options. Try connecting the piano to an external sound system through the output jack if the onboard speakers give off the impression that the piano is out of tune. 

The speaker or its connections are broken if it is no longer out of tune. If the sound coming from the output jack is out of tune, but the onboard speakers sound OK, the output jack or one of its internal connections is to blame. 

Once again, you will want the assistance of professionals to remedy this. Fixing this should also be relatively inexpensive.

5. Software Error

Every digital keyboard or piano will have built-in proprietary software that links everything and generates the required sound when a key is pressed. The sound might undergo needless modifications due to a software error or defect, which can also cause it to sound out of tune. 

Usually, a factory reset may resolve this. To find out how to accomplish this, go to the handbook. It can be quite severe if the issue still exists after a reset.

6. Computer Or Sound System

If you have tried everything suggested and still need to discover a solution, it may indicate a significant hardware problem. A malfunction might be caused by the CPU, a controller, one of the many electrical parts, or even the motherboard itself. 

When the sensors perceive the incorrect key, they can be broken. It may perceive your C keypress as a D. Such problems often arise in old or battered instruments. 

Get it mended at a licensed service facility if the warranty still covers it. If not, get an estimate of the cost. It may be time to get a new digital keyboard or piano if it becomes excessive.

How To Fix An Out-Of-Tune Digital Piano

How To Fix An Out-Of-Tune Digital Piano

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Initially, the best course of action is manually changing the pitch to 440 Hz.

This will vary across keyboard models, so search online for the handbook for your particular digital piano or, if it’s no longer manufactured, get the manual for a new model in the same keyboard series. You should be able to transpose by hertz and/or revert to 440 Hz by following the instructions in the handbook.

For instance, pressing the lowest B on my Yamaha P-115 keyboard and holding down the two function buttons is all it takes to reset the tune to A4 = 440 Hz. However, read your handbook since your keyboard may require a different procedure.

Using the program MainStage, you may also set your keyboard to tune to 440 Hz once again.

If you don’t have MainStage and can’t locate your digital piano’s manual, you may attempt approach two by doing a factory reset.

How To Reset A Digital Piano Or Keyboard To Factory Settings

Here is the method that is essentially universal for returning your keyboard to its factory settings:

  • Switch off your keyboard.

  • Keep pressing the topmost white key. This will be the top C key on full-sized (88-key) keyboards, although, on compact keyboards, it could be a different key.

  • As you press the top key, activate your keyboard.

  • Once your keyboard has powered on, press the top key for an additional three seconds.

The handbook for your keyboard model will explain how to execute a factory reset for your specific digital piano if this factory reset procedure does not work for the keyboard you are using.

A pro tip is to back up any songs you’ve recorded on your keyboard before a factory reset since doing so will delete anything you’ve already stored.

In the event that none of these solutions help return your keyboard to normal tuning, we suggest contacting your neighborhood music store or retailer or the digital piano makers.


How do digital pianos compare to traditional pianos?

Yes, it is the solution. When a key is pressed on an electronic piano, a recorded sample of a real piano will be played instead of hammers and strings. Most earlier digital pianos couldn’t provide as authentic a tone since the technology and processing power still needed to be developed.

Do digital pianos need upkeep?

Maintaining your digital piano is an essential component of owning one. You either already possess a digital piano or are soon planning to acquire one if you read this. Digital pianos have distinct maintenance needs from acoustic pianos, although they may first seem relatively comparable.

What happens if a piano is tuned for a short time?

If your piano has been out of tune for a while, its pitch may have fallen significantly below the level at which it was intended to play. An operation known as a “pitch increase” or “pitch correction” can be necessary.


You will experience these problems only in some cases. Electronics today are very reliable and powerful even for the best digital piano under 1000. In the unlikely event that you still end up with a digital keyboard or piano that needs tuning, this guide will assist you in finding a fix.

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