7 Ways Of How Do DJs Record Their Mixes

The resurgence of online DJ mixing can only be a part of if you record and share every mix you make. However, recording your mixes can present some challenges. You have to think about things like signal control, levels and how to polish your sound before uploading it.

Luckily, we are here to help you!

What is a DJ mix? 


DJ mixes are compilations of songs that have been blended together to seem like one long song. Although sound editing software may be used to make a mix, DJ mixes are traditionally made with a DJ mixer and several sound sources such turntables, CD players, digital audio players, or computer sound cards, and often with the inclusion of samplers and effects units.

As opposed to living sound mixing, DJ mixing has several distinct advantages. Beginning in the late ’70s, companies began offering remix services so that DJs would have access to music that was more amenable to being beat mixed. 

DJ Kool Herc was an early pioneer in the art of DJ mixing. Francis Grasso, a DJ at the New York City club Sanctuary, was the pioneer in the usage of headphones and simple mixing techniques. Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto Presents: Another World dominated the U.S. DJ mix CD market when it was released in 2000.

Reasons DJs record their mix

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The purpose of record mixing is for DJs to be able to listen back and determine where they can make improvements. Recording a mix is also useful for trying out new ideas, such as new tracks or FX, and assessing whether they work well or not. 

Additionally, DJs will often record mixes to use for promotional material in order to showcase their skills to prospective clients. Finally, regular recording and archiving of mixes are important for maintaining a portfolio of one’s work.

How do DJs record their mixes?

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  • Use your DJ software

The simplest explanation. This feature is useful if you just want to record the content currently being processed by your program, such as music that you own (since streaming services always deactivate this option). For instance, it often cannot capture microphones or other DJs performing on their equipment simultaneously with yours.

  • Using a USB drive

On standalone DJ systems (such as Denon DJ’s Prime 4 or Pioneer DJ’s XDJ-XZ), you can plug in a USB drive, hit “Record,” and record your entire performance to USB. Note that the same streaming limitations will apply if the hardware has streaming capabilities (as is the case with the Prime 4).

  • Using your phone

These methods are tried and true, traditional approaches. To get the sound into your phone’s Microphone Input jack, simply set a recording by connecting a wire from the mixer’s or controller’s output to the appropriate adapters. 

A decent, though mono, recording may typically be achieved with some fiddling with the volume levels. However, these days fewer phones even come with a headphones/mic jack, so you’ll likely need to buy an adapter anyhow. 

To make the microphone function, you’ll also need a “TRS to TRRS” cable (Rode has a good one, the SC4). You might also try a cable like the one sold by Headset Buddy, which adapts the phone’s mic input to the line out of your DJ equipment. Unfortunately, this one’s a bit of a hack.

  • Using a standalone recorder

There are many different types of record mixing recorders on the market, from companies like Tascam and Reloop. The DR-05 from Tascam has been in my kit for close to a decade, and the newer Tape 2 from Reloop is a good option to consider. 

It is shaped like an audio cassette, which some people may find kitschy, and it is not particularly cheap, but it works well. You can transfer the finished audio file from the recorder to your laptop or another device, usually via a memory card.

  • Using an audio interface

The iRig Stream or any other dual-input audio interface will do the trick. Again, you connect the audio interface’s output to your computer’s USB port, your Android device’s (typically) USB-C port, or your iOS device’s Lightning or USB-C port. 

Then, you use whatever audio recording program you like to get your take (Quicktime, Audacity, Voice Recorder on a phone, etc.). A reliable approach if the proper conditions are met

  • Using a dedicated recording system

We know of one called Evermix Mix box (now up to v4) – it is similar to the audio interface above, but it comes with its own app and sharing software. This greatly simplifies everything from adjusting the volume level (to avoid loud clipping records) to getting your mix out there. 

It is available for iOS and Android. If you are a beginner wanting to break out from using your DJ software for recording, this is a good option.

  • Using pioneer’s DJM-REC app

The send/return feature set a recording on a Pioneer DJM-series mixer can be used by plugging a USB-to-Lightning/USB-C cable from the mixer to an iPhone. The DJM-REC app will function similarly to the Evermix without the need for extra hardware. To play music, a mixer’s audio input is utilized. This is only good for iOS/pro-end Pioneer users. It works very well.


What recording format included the DJ mix?

DJs used to promote themselves by releasing CD-Rs of their mixes or wp-content/uploadsing digital audio files to websites and podcasts in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There would be a commercial CD release of mixes by several well-known DJs.

Can DJs wp-content/uploads mixes to Spotify?

Does Spotify allow users to submit their own DJ mixes? You may submit your DJ mix for free to streaming platforms like Spotify using RouteNote if you either own the rights to the songs in the mix or get a license from the content owners.

How do I fix quiet recording?

Your recorded DJ set will sound quite quiet if you play it again immediately after finishing. It’s okay if it’s too quiet; it means you succeeded. To remedy this, set mastering is used. Before releasing a recording, it must be mastered. However, it might take a very long time to learn a full set. 

Don’t fret. LANDR DJ allows you to quickly and easily master your sets. The volume is cranked up to concert-hall levels, and the audio quality is consistent wherever you sit. Here’s when the extra space over your head comes in useful.

Last word

So that’s everything about how do djs record their mixes. One may make a recording of a DJ set in a number of different methods. We hope that this article will help you a little bit with your recording

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