How Many Cymbals Are In A Drum Set?

When a cymbal is struck with a drumstick or collides with another cymbal, it produces music. Cymbals are percussion instruments constructed of metal alloys. For additional information about cymbals in a drum set, continue reading.

1. What are cymbals?

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Cymbals are a common percussion instrument, often used in pairs. They are thin, round plates of various alloys. Small disc-shaped cymbals made according to old designs provide a clear pitch, while most cymbals lack a particular tone (such as crotales).

Orchestras, percussion groups, jazz bands, and even metal bands all make use of cymbals in their performances. A standard drum set will include at least two hi-hat cymbals and a crash or crash/ride cymbal. A cymbalist is a musician who plays the cymbals.

2. Different types of cymbals

Numerous sizes and types of cymbals exist, each with its own distinct sound. The most common varieties of cymbals are as follows:

  • Crash
  • China
  • Hi-Hat
  • Splash
  • Ride

One hi-hat, two crash cymbals, and a ride cymbal make up the bare minimum of a drum set, although you may always add more.

  • Crash

A lone cymbal that makes a loud, explosive sound at a high pitch. While hi-hat and ride are characterized as “beat keeping cymbals,” they are used to enhance sounds. The average size of a crash cymbal is 16 inches, which is somewhat smaller than ride cymbals in general. They are intended to take a glancing blow from the stick’s shoulder that will strike them rather forcefully.

  • Hi-Hat

Hi-hat cymbals are two identical cymbals that create a high-pitched sound when they are hit together. They are placed on a stand so that they are facing each other and can be closed with a pedal. Most hi-hat cymbals are 14″ in diameter, but they come in a variety of sizes.

  • Ride

The ride cymbal, which is often located on the right side of the drum set, is a bigger cymbal (20′′ is a pretty average size). The biggest in the drum set, ride cymbals typically provide a medium-high pitched sound. They are used to maintain the “riding pattern,” a continuous rhythmic pattern.

  • Splash

The splash cymbals are the smallest cymbals in a drum set. They have a loud, sharp sound that does not last long. Splash cymbals help drummers add accents to their rhythms and solos. A splash cymbal is essentially a small crash cymbal.

The most common size is 8 inches, but they come in a range of sizes and variations to give extra texture to your playing. A splash is great to use as a subtle accent cymbal, and because they are small, they can fit in places where other cymbals cannot.

  • Ride

They are a special kind of crash cymbals that produce a sound that is both explosive and low in pitch. Cymbal supports are often used to install them in an inverted position.

3. How many pieces in a drum set?

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Drums, gear, and cymbals make up the core components of most basic drum setups.

  • Drums

How many drums are in a drum set? Well, to be honest, we don’t know. But the bass drum, snare drum, and toms are standard components of every drum set.

  • Hardware

Some typical pieces of drum gear include the bass drum pedal, the throne, and the hi-hat and cymbal supports.

  • Cymbals

There are many different types of cymbals in a drum set. Crash cymbals, ride cymbals, and hi-hat cymbals are all examples of distinct kinds of cymbals. Because of the varied tones that may be generated by the hi-hats, this piece of percussion equipment is perhaps the most dynamic component of the drum set.

The ride cymbal is often a larger and heavier cymbal, and it is played at the very tip of the drum stick to produce that characteristic pinging sound.

You may “ride” the crash, playing strong rhythmic patterns comparable to what would be performed on the hi-hats or ride cymbal, although the crashes are mostly utilized as accent notes, such as at the conclusion of a fill.

4. How many cymbals are in a drum set

The average drum kit comprises three cymbals – a pair of hi-hats, a crash and a ride. However, it is not unusual to find kits with a fourth cymbal, which is usually an extra crash. If you want additional cymbals such as splashes, chinas etc., be prepared to pay more.

5. How many cymbals do you need?

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There is no one answer that is better than the others. The answer depends on what you want to achieve with your sound. Some drummers may use only one cymbal. Usually, this will be the hi-hat since it is well suited to creating rhythms.Everything else is a personal choice for experimenting with sound. 

For instance, popular drummer Jojo Mayer demonstrates what is possible with only a hi-hat and a ride. You can check his video right here. Another great American drummer, Aaron Spears, has various online videos where he plays with only a hi-hat, kick, and snare.

Usually, hi-hat and ride cymbals are used for rhythm, while crash, china, and splash cymbals emphasize the intonation of the sound.

6. FAQs

Why are cymbals important?

Cymbals are an essential part of every drum set. They have a role in maintaining time as well as adding flavor to grooves. This indicates that they have a significant bearing on the sound as a whole. The sound of a high-quality drum set that has been properly adjusted may be ruined by poorly constructed cymbals.

Cymbals, on the other hand, are not capable of having their tuning altered in the same way that drums can. This indicates that it is critical to make an informed decision prior to making a purchase.

What is a single cymbal called?

Most beginner drum sets include a hi-hat, ride, and at least one crash cymbal. However, cheaper sets may have a single cymbal that serves as both a ride and crash cymbal, called a ‘ride-crash’ cymbal.

What is the most popular cymbal?

It may be said that Zildjian is the most well-known manufacturer of cymbals today. Zildjian cymbals are well-known in the music industry, and not only among drummers.

Last words

We hope this article can assist you understand what cymbals are and, more importantly, how many cymbals are in a drum set. Overall, the number of each cymbal depends on you, your style, and your drumming goals.

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