What Size Ukulele Should I Get?

For music players, the Ukulele is an extraordinarily familiar and helpful instrument. However, for beginners, finding a suitable ukulele can be pretty tricky. This article will help you distinguish each size of Ukulele and give you the answer for the question: What size ukulele should I get? Let’s start reading!

Something about the Ukulele

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The Ukulele is a fun instrument to learn because of its simple design, portability, and catchy sound. You can play hundreds of tunes with only a few chords. Playing the Ukulele is a good way to have fun and learn to play a wide variety of music, from old standards and nursery rhymes to today’s top hits.

Over the last several years, ukuleles have become wildly popular. This little stringed instrument is simple to learn and play, costs considerably less than a guitar and is much more convenient to transport. 

However, this does not negate the Ukulele’s status as a legitimate musical instrument. How do you know which size Ukulele—sopranino, soprano, concert, tenor, baritone, bass —is right for you? Are you a beginner or an experienced musician seeking to make a significant investment? Let’s analyze some characteristics of the 4 types of Ukuleles to have the right view!

4 main types of Ukulele

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1. Soprano ukulele

The soprano ukulele is the “original” size. George Formby, Cliff “Ukulele Ike” Edwards, and even Tiny Tim spent their whole careers on soprano ukuleles. The soprano’s petite body, along with its G-C-E-A reentrant tuning (which has a higher-tuned string instead of what would ordinarily be the lowest-pitched string), gives it a peppy, vibrant sound that is instantly identifiable. 

It has the shortest scale (distance from the top of the neck at the nut to the bridge), specified at 13 9/16 inches. Some players believe that the soprano is only appropriate for children or novices, yet it has earned popularity with some of today’s best players, who see it as the Ukulele in its purest form. 

Almost every manufacturer makes a soprano, and the quality may vary from custom-made expert instruments to entry-level plastic ukes. Not to be outdone by the miniature soprano, sopranino or pocket sopranos are even more minor playable variants of the soprano.

2. Concert Ukulele

The concert ukulele is one size larger than the soprano ukulele. It is also known as a concert soprano, and it initially arose when musicians requested a louder, more comfortable instrument for more extensive settings and more complex music. It has a 15-inch scale and the same G C E A tuning as the soprano. 

Because of its longer scale and wider body, the concert ukulele has greater volume and a somewhat more profound, fuller tone than the soprano. Concert ukes are available from almost every manufacturer, and the size remains popular among those looking for a ukulele sound on a somewhat larger instrument.

3. Tenor Ukulele 

The tenor ukulele is the third-largest size in the ukulele family. In the continued search for more great tone and volume, the tenor ukulele has the same G-C-E-A tuning as the concert but has a bigger and deeper body and a neck extending the scale length to 17 inches. Consequently, the instrument has greater fretting and picking space, as well as a deeper tone. 

The greater space is one of the reasons why the tenor is the second most popular size today and one that many pros and hobbyists choose. Almost every builder provides a tenor, and since they’re so popular, a few producers solely sell tenors. While the alteration adds a few notes on the bottom end, some tenor players believe these low-G tenors have less of the Ukulele’s typical brightness. 

Many tenor players choose to wear a strap since the tenor’s bigger size makes gripping it more complex, and a strap frees up their arms to make playing easier.

4. Baritone Ukulele 

The baritone ukulele is the biggest of the 4 primary ukulele sizes. The baritone made its debut in the late 1940s and was a favorite of Arthur Godfrey, a renowned 1950s TV personality who championed the Ukulele during its second wave of popularity. 

Because of its vast size and scale, the baritone produces a deep, throaty tone. Baritone ukuleles typically have a scale length from 19 to 21 inches and a linear tuning (D-G-B-E) that differs from the traditional reentrant tuning with a high string at the bottom end of the fretboard, making baritones the most guitar-like Ukulele. 

Since of this, and because it shares a tune with the top four strings of a guitar, guitarists who wish to explore the Ukulele may opt to start with a baritone ukulele.

We will look at the following summary table to easily distinguish the 4 types of Ukulele:






Re-entrant tuning

Traditionally tuned G-C-E-A

Traditionally tuned G-C-E-A

Traditionally tuned G-C-E-A

Traditionally tuned D-G-B-E

Standard body size

21 inches

23 inches

26 inches

29 inches

Standard scale

13 9/16 inches

15 inches

17 inches

19–21 inches

Overall size

62 inches

65 inches

67.5 inches

74 inches

Frets number

12–15 frets

15–20 frets

15–20 frets

19 frets


Peppy, lively sound

The sound is brighter, with higher loudness and a somewhat deeper, rounder tone

Deeper tone, more volume

Deep, throaty tone

What Ukulele Size Is Easiest To Play?

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If you read the last section, you should have a basic knowledge of the various sizes. It’s crucial to remember that size has little influence on how easy it is to learn the Ukulele. 

Beginners will be drawn to the soprano and concert ukulele because of their ease of play and joyful sound. Those who have previously spent some time on the Ukulele will undoubtedly welcome the possibility to explore further on the tenor.

A Soprano or Concert ukulele may be simpler to play for youngsters or teenagers/adults with smaller hands. These are the smallest of the four ukulele kinds. Adults may choose the Concert or Tenor size for their first Ukulele.

Concert and Tenor ukes are smaller than the tenor. Large-handed folks will love the additional space with a Tenor ukulele not because it’s the best cheap ukulele but the one that suits them best


  1. Is a concert or soprano ukulele better?

Because of its longer scale and wider body, the concert ukulele has greater volume and a somewhat more profound, fuller tone than the soprano. Concert ukes are available from almost every manufacturer, and the size remains popular among those looking for a ukulele sound on a somewhat larger instrument.

  1. What size is the Ukulele most popular?

The Soprano ukulele is the most popular Ukulele and the instrument that comes to mind when you think of a ukulele.

  1. Which Ukulele is best for beginners?

The Alvarez Regent Series RU22C is an excellent beginner ukulele for various reasons. To begin with, it has a broader, louder sound than most ukes of its size. Second, being a concert-size ukulele, it’s neither too large for a child nor too little for adults to squeeze their fingers between the frets.

  1. What famous person plays the Ukulele?

There’s no disputing that the Ukulele puts a smile on many people’s faces and is adored by a slew of renowned artists and celebrities, including the Beatles, Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift, etc.


Each ukulele type is suitable for different users. Therefore, reading this article will help you get the best answer. Hope that through this article, you will know What size ukulele should  get and make the right choice!

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